hello! it’s very nice to meet you. i go by catherine to most but some people like to call me odie or kate or cath or codie. you can call me whatever you want! i like to bake, cook, write, read, photograph, sing, and throw spontaneous dance parties. i hail from the nation’s capital and moved down south to a tiny town called davidson for college. during a bout of homesickness while living in peru for six months, i started writing via blog. after peru and the rest of college, i lived in nyc for two years and worked at the wonderful place that is food52. i’ve briefly moved back to the district where i work as a bread baker at bread furst. early mornings galore! but very very soon, i’ll be moving to paris, france for culinary school !!

foodstuffs is my interweb home where i’ll be logging recipe projects, new foods i’m tasting, and any other stuff i feel like sharing. enjoy!!!

*yellow watercolor background by the lovely sarah ku

oh, and here’s some other work i do👇



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