post54 // a very merry foodstuffs gift guide

greetings friends!! it’s starting to feel a bit more wintery here on the east coast and i am very excited by the prospect of snow tomorrow! there’s nothing i like more than watching our corgi, sandi, run through snow with her little corgi legs.

with winter on its way, christmas is inching closer and closer by the minute. to get a head start on gift-giving, i’ve come up with a little guide for a foodstuffs holiday! these gifts are hand-picked by me, some of which i’ve received personally and others that i’m putting on my list this year. perfect for the foodie in your life, these food-inspired items will make you laugh and make you hungry.

happy shopping!

  1. croissant ornament by anthropologie43376524_025_b

warning: this product is not edible. i refuse to be responsible for any cracked teeth this holiday season ūüėā.¬†buy here:

2.  everything bagel & cream cheese kit by farmsteadyEverything Bagel & Cream Cheese Making Kit

nothing is better than a new york bagel and cream cheese, especially on christmas morning. buy here:

3.  taste of streep glitter matchboxes by saint celebrityil_570xN.1160163643_m60y

nothing will please your instagram foodie friend more than a taste of streep. if you don’t know, start knowing: @tasteofstreep. buy here:

4.  cherry bomb earrings by opening ceremonyIMG_8952-2_1024x1024

a little holiday flair for your ears? yes please. buy here:

5.  3-piece salad bowl and server set by mud pie (and all their other kitschy serving items!)117678461299634p

yes, we all have those “healthy” foodie friends. these friends make gourmet salads and art out of smoothie bowls in their spare time. give them the gift of punny salad tongs this year.¬†buy here:

6.  baguette bag by now designs 81bwBlAYf5L._SX587_

is a bread-eating francophile on your list? i sure hope so. buy here:

7.  whisk necklace by food52813afad2-1bd3-4383-9c4e-5c5c716c335f--2014-0220_mary-handmade_gold-whisk-002

pro tip: take the whisk off this necklace and use it with a miniature mixing bowl. #minigoals. buy here:

8.  secret ingredients: the new yorker book of food and drink by david remnickshopping

highly recommended for anyone who is in the food industry or wishes they were. buy here:

9.  pad of butter notepad by chronicle books81+sZznDZKL

i can’t believe it’s not butter!!!!!!¬†buy here:

10. ¬†b√©chamel: le cordon bleu collector’s bear by le cordon bleubear1

the cutest stuffed-animal for your dog to rip to pieces this holiday season. bye béchamel!! buy here:

all photography by credited shops. 

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